Getting more used to it.

I’m getting more used to going to the NICU.  I no longer chant (okay, not much), the code for the door to the volunteer center or my volunteer log in number.  I know where I’m supposed to go.  I know the code to the storeroom.  I know how to stock the scales with blankets and washcloths for baby baths and now to stock all the different areas for gowns.  I am enjoying a chance to comfort the little ones.  I realized the other day that one of the kiddos I was holding was almost 2 months old and I can tell, now that I know that, that she is not neurotypical. She really still presents as a very, very newborn.  She’s a beauty though and I enjoy holding her.   I’ve only held one baby in the NICU who seemed to want to look at my face and had a quiet alert time.  Most of them are just so irritable and if they are not asleep they are super fussy.  I ran into an old friend who is an occupational therapist there in the NICU and I asked her what types of things they do for therapy.  She said that they try to get the babies to look at people, to track with their eyes and to be able to be alert and not swaddled.   They seem to need to be swaddled and have a pacifier all the time.   There was a couple there, with their baby and they were quietly fussing about the nurses not, according to them, giving him his opiates on time and I kind of thought that they had some nerve, exposing the baby to dangerous drugs in utero and then complaining about his drug dosing and acting all superior now.  Anyway, it’s interesting and I can’t wait to go back and hold the little sweeties.  I wish I could go every day.  I really do.


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