Okay, well.

I worked my first shift in the NICU tonight.  It’s a large hospital with a lot of NICU units, maybe 8 or 9?  I can’t keep them straight in my head.   There may be as many as 14.  Anyway.  I went to the one I was told to go to and I was able to comfort a couple of little babies.   One I got to hold for quite a while a couple of different times.  That was cool. Then after he settled down, there wasn’t much to do.  I went from unit to unit asking if anyone needed help, but no one did.   I ended up leaving a little bit early because I just felt like I was bugging the nurses and unit secretaries, because when I went from 1 unit to another, I had to be buzzed in each time by the secretary and then I had to find a nurse to ask what they needed help with.  Maybe next week will go better.    I need to watch myself and make sure I don’t quit during the rough beginning part, because I have a tendency to do that ….


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