So, Monday.

I’m going to start volunteering in the neonatal intensive care unit of a local children’s hospital.  I’m excited and scared.  I’ve been on a tour of the place.  I’ve been told when I go in, to follow the sound of the crying and find a baby that needs soothing and ask the nurse if I can hold him or her.  Then I am to gown up and glove up and hold the baby as long as necessary.  Then, when the baby goes to sleep or is comforted, I will de-gown and glove, go out and wash  thoroughly and come back and start the process over again with another little sweetie.  In this particular NICU, our job is comforting babies, not fetching supplies and we only do that if there is not a baby who needs us.  I don’t mind fetching supplies and I will, but I think it’s kind of cool, that baby comfort is the first priority. 

When I took my training NICU tour last Saturday, I saw so many babies.  There was one little girl who just kind of haunts my memory.  She had just had, I guess, spina bifida surgery and she had an incision on her back, uncovered, that was half the length of her body.  She was lying curled up on her stomach, sleeping and was just the most beautiful, beautiful little thing and was kind of smiling in her sleep.  I am so glad that we can now do surgeries for these children so they can live a normal life.  I’m so glad that she was seemingly pain free and able to sleep. 

So when I start on Monday, I’ll write and let you know how it goes.